Our Mission

Our mission at North Shore Therapeutic is to maintain a peaceful and healing environment, and to provide professional Massage Therapy services that assist with the healing process of every individual we have the honor to work with.
All services are performed by NY State Licensed Massage Therapists
and NY State Licensed Estheticians.
What makes North Shore Therapeutic different?
With all of the other choices, why choose us?

Here are just a few reasons:

*60 Minutes means…60 Minutes. 90 means 90.
We provide a full 60 or 90 minutes of treatment time so you get the full value that you deserve.
Many other Wellness Centers and Spas offer either 50 or 55 minute treatments.

That time also includes explaining your condition to your therapist and getting on and off the treatment table, so your 50 or 55 minutes is now even less time.

*Our space is peaceful, relaxing, and therapeutic.
It is very important to us that you always feel a sense of calm, and that you always feel your treatment experience is our main priority. You should never feel rushed, or as if the therapist is “going through the motions”.

We strive to make sure you receive the time, care, and results you need.

*Our staff are all NY state Licensed and skilled professionals.

*We also have a wide variety of treatment options.

Many treatment options, such as our Custom Massage, include multiple techniques and we may include enhancements such as the use of essential oils, at no additional charge.

If you have not yet experienced our services, please stop by, call, or

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We hope you will allow us to assist with your healing process and overall wellness goals, and look forward to meeting you soon.
Make the time to feel well…

Thank you,
Jason M.Ferro

Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner